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Jimmy Durbin Farms, Clanton Alabama:

We are happy to announce that Jimmy Durbin Farms has entered into a new partnership and is joining Richter and Company and its Family of Farms. We are thankful to Benjie Richter, Lloyd Richter, Kevin Rogers and the entire Richter team for their partnership.

Durbin Farms has been blessed with many loyal supporters.
“We feel, as we continue to grow, that the Richter team is the perfect fit to coordinate and represent our fruits and vegetables grown at Jimmy Durbin Farms“ stated Tim Minor of Durbin Farms. "This partnership will allow us at Durbin Farms to focus on our loyal past and future customer base, as we will be able to devote our time to crop production while the Richter team will focus on the sales and marketing.

"As we focus on the sustainability of our family farm, we are happy and blessed to have the ability to be expanding our growing operations. We continue to expand both our peach and tomato acreage. In addition, our family of employees have voiced their desire to start production of bell peppers again, which will begin in the summer of 2014."

Minor added, “I personally feel that Richter & Co. will represent Jimmy Durbin Farms the same as I have in the past - with straight honest presentation and a full satisfaction guarantee with the utmost honesty and integrity.“

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