93,000 tomato plants were planted on April 16 th and 17 th at our Toby Litaker Farm.


Vegetable season land prep begins with application of black plastic for early season tomatoes and bell peppers.


Our fruit is transported from the field to the packing house on air ride suspension trailers.  Hand picked and packed one tomato at a time to ensure quality.

Alabama Fresh Sunshine Brand Tomatoes

If you need "GREEN SLICERS" please let Kevin at RICHTER & CO. know.  We have plantings set aside for GREENS so you can get a mix load to go along with our DURBIN FARMS "Vine Ripe Program".


These grapes are our first of the 2014 season.


Our tomatoes are hand picked and packed one tomato at a time to ensure freshness and quality.


Only GOD could create a sky this blue!!!!